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Designer Con 2016 – ART PRINTS

We are extremely excited to be an exhibitor at our first convention…Designer Con! For years, we have attended D-Con as attendees and love all it has to offer. There are always great artists, designers, stores, galleries, and fun new things to discover.

As this is our first convention, we wanted to make sure to go big. We have a huge selection of products, pins, and prints debuting at the con. Check out our convention art print exclusives below!


Limited Edition (of 30) Over the Garden Wall print by Andrew Sale (with 3s instead of Es)
Artist Description:
“The beauty of Over The Garden Wall extends beyond the stunning visuals. The storytelling and music blend to make it an absolute delight. I wanted to capture the essence of the show. The concerned skepticism of Wirt in the midst of their mysterious journey with the blissful innocence of Greg, is a theme throughout the series.”


‘This Little Light of Mine’
Limited Edition (of 25) Adventure Time print by Topher
Artist Description:
“This is what I imagine Peppermint Butler’s dreams are like. We all know he’s a closet maniac and wants to wear everyone’s skin like Buffalo Bill. I wanted to keep things abstract and dreamy, so I kept everything Rod Serling-esque. In the end, I just liked the idea of a peppermint candy burning churches.”


‘Portraits of McDuck Manor’
Limited Edition (of 30) DuckTales print by Gabe Barletta
Artist Description:
“As a kid, I always wanted to explore and play around in Scrooge McDuck’s Manor along with Huey, Lewey, and Dewey. I image that there would be this room where you would find portraits in beautifully ornate frames of the people most dear to ol’ Scrooge. Especially his Lucky Dime!”


Rocketeer print by emm_squared


Limited Edition screen print (of 50) Rufio print by emm_squared


“The Ultimate Game”
Limited Edition screen print (of 40) Space Jam print by emm_squared


“We Are All Rebels”
Limited Edition screen print (of 24) Star Wars print by emm_squared



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